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Funny Valentines Day Quotes

Funny Valentines Day quotes to spice up your day of love

If you are looking for the funny Valentines Day quotes, keep reading for the valuable info.Keep reading to find out cute Valentines Day quotes, funny valentine quotes jojo and much more.

Funny Valentines Day Quotes

With all the soft gushy sentiments that come as an inseparable unit with Valentines Day, a smidgen of silliness can be truly necessary as the Hallmark occasion approaches. Regardless of whether you’re lovesick or tired of affection, these interesting Valentines Day statements will make sure to put a grin all over. Love is a numerous breathtaking thing, and it’s likewise a passionate exciting ride loaded with ups, downs, and everything in the middle. So you should chuckle about it. Also read funny happy Valentines Day, funny valentine messages for friends, funny Valentines Day quotes for work and more.

Going solo on V-Day regularly feels significantly more awful than it should. That is to say, to get directly to the point, a night of Chinese conveyance and a Sex in the City marathon really seems like the best thing ever — particularly when contrasted with eating a rushed and swarmed dinner at some overrated eatery. Furthermore, for those of you who do wind up seeing someone on February fourteenth, here and there its weight all can prompt destruction. Love is anentertaining thing. Explore more at funny single Valentines Day quotes.

My recommendation? Quit deciding your future in view of your now. Make the most of your life, make the most of your affections, and don’t be reluctant to giggle at yourself. Valentines Day is only a reason for eating chocolate in any case (regardless of whether you’re seeing someone not), so if nothing else, appreciate the day hence alone. Live. Love. Giggle. Simply don’t be a hormonal insane individual.

Funny Valentines Day quotes

On the off chance that adoration is visually impaired, why is underwear so well known?


Without adoration, the rich and poor live in a similar house.


Love is the thing that empowers a lady to sing while she wipes up the floor after her better half has strolled crosswise over it in his horse shelter boots.

Hoosier Farmer

Intimate romance comes discreetly, without flags or glimmering lights. On the off chance that you hear ringers, get your ears checked.

Erich Segal

Love wouldn’t be visually impaired if the Braille weren’t so accursed much fun.


Becoming hopelessly enamored is so difficult on the knees.


Love resembles an hourglass, with the heart topping off as the cerebrum purges.

Jules Renard

Love is a demonstration of perpetual absolution, a delicate look which turns into a propensity.

Subside Ustinov

Love is a grave mental illness.


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